Small scale pirate-raider operation. Main forces operate as mercenary arm in Hutt Space, but localized pockets exist in certain systems (such as Cato Nemoidia).

Cato Nemoidia faction:
Operated with certain allowances from the Confederacy during the Clone Wars. This was allowed, as Raveneye was seen as a useful force for keeping the uncharted space lanes outside of Nemoidia (an important Seperatist bastion) clear of spies and republic saboteurs. As a result, the pirates were given full rights to claim any ship not completely in-step with the Confederacy. After the war was lost and Nemoidia was laid to siege by the Empire, the space lanes were locked down, and almost all offensively capable starships were either shot down or chased out of system. What forces remain ended up stuck on planet.

Raiders left on the surface took up to taking refuge in the bombed out ruins. The Empire was initially too busy conquering the resistance from the Corporate Chairs and local nobility to bother with the nuisance. After their resistance was snuffed out, Imperial forces felt that as long as the remaining threat maintained their distance from Imperial interests, it was not worth the mobilization to track them in the jungles. In fact, they soon found that the Raiders served as a useful deterrent to off-worlders and locals who engaged in “unsanctioned and unscrupulous” activities outside of the well-regulated city centers. This boogeyman was allowed, so long as Imperial Rule was never called into question.

Operatives in major cities often case out any transport hubs (spaceports, cross-city shuttles, outdoor expeditions, etc) or other vulnerable areas (ruins cased out by salvage hunters) to pick off targets.


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