Rules for determining Addiction
When employing an addictive substance, Roll 1D100. The percentile listed for that substance is what you must roll to have your character grow addicted
For example: Snakeye has a rating of 30%. Rolling 69 or lower means resisting dependency.

Will Defense A high Will can help chemically troubled PC’s fight off their cravings. See below for Overcoming Addiction.

Personality Modification resulting from Addiction
01-10% Argumentative: mean, hostile, strong, +2 to damage -4 CHA based skills
11-20% Quick Temper: emotional, aggressive, +2 initiative, -1 to all defenses
21-30% Impulsive: takes risks and does foolish, potentially damaging acts: +2 initiative, -4 Perception
31-40% Quiet: withdrawn, reclusive: +2 Will Defense, -2 Perception, -2 attack
41-50% Paranoid: trusts no one (usually including party),mind becomes preoccupied with perceived threats, +2 Perception, +1 Will Defense, -4 INT based skills
51-60% Sobbing junkie: Sad, depressed, loses composure constantly, -2 WIS, -2 CHA
61-70% Overconfident: Cocky, false bravado, accept ALL challenges and requests
71-75% Loud: verbally belligerent, +4 (Only to intimidate) on persuasion, -4 stealth/all other CHA based skills
76-85% Disoriented: Confusion, hard to follow movement, last to act in initiative
86-90% Hyper: Always moving, distracted, busy with body, -2 Per -2 initiative +2 Ref
91-95% Delirium: Reality slips into fantasy (slips into bouts of insanity lasting 1D10 minutes, during which friends become enemies, good becomes bad, and perception is untrustworthy), -6 Perception,
96-00% Super Syndrome: Becomes Incredible (in their own mind)! +2 to all skills, but takes one extra dice of damage from all forms of damage (reality hurts).

Overcoming Addiction
A chemical dependency is hardly the end of a character. While they may suffer mechanically and in roleplaying from their sickness, it can be overcome. Once per week, a character may roll 1D20 vs their WILL to fight off their need. The 1D20 is increased by the chemical’s addiction rate (divided by 10) as well as the total times the character has used the substance.
For example, the party Trooper has frequently used Adrenal Alacrity. When overcoming addiction, he rolls 1D20 + 1 (Alacrity’s chem rating) + 6 (the amount of times he has injected this stim (including use after his addiction). He rolls a 17; with a Will of 15 he is still addicted. One week later, he may try again, this time with a +2 Will bonus for remaining clean (assuming he hasn’t relapsed). He rolls 12; The character has now purged his body, but should remain vigilante against future use.


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