Scum and Villainy

Chapter 1

In order to breach the Imperial Garrison’s security and penetrate the impound lot, the PC’s each pursue avenues to accomplish the mission. Del makes contact with agent’s within the Hutt Spy network, looking for hired muscle to aid in diversionary tactics. She is able to barter blackmail-worthy intel (purchase of young male slaves) on the local Imperial administrator Major Stromhold to the Hutt Spy, in exchange for coordination of a swoop-gang attack on the compound. At the same time, Corra and Melvin track down a local contractor responsible for repairs on base. They are able to hijack a droid-shipment and rig explosives into a power-supply droid.

With all these tactics and plans laid out, the party attempts to sneak through one of the access gates but is seen by the on-station guards. A firefight breaks out, raising alarms across the entire base. The group fights their way past patrols and comes across the maintenance bay to the impound locker. They trigger the explosives, diverting reactionary forces attention long enough to talk their way through the overwhelmed mechanics. They shoot their way through the impound lot, running into heavy opposition inside. Using an injured stormtrooper as a hostage, they press forward to their ship, taking fire from all sides. Corra and Greenbark activate the boarding ramp and use Greenbark’s access codes to gain entry, where they begin powering up the freighter. As Del lays down supporting fire, Melvin and his hostage dash across the battlefield that was once a docking station, racing up the access ramp to the Bright Eyes. As they stumble up the ramp, a stormtrooper expertly tosses a frag grenade, catching the two escapees by surprise.

The already injured stormtrooper is instantly pulverized, and Melvin blacks out from the overwhelming pain and critical-level burns that seize his unshielded body. Seizing the initiative, security forces board the exposed ship, engaging in close quarters combat within the hull and cockpit. Corra is able to defend from the pilot’s chair, but not without sustaining heavy injuries and losing shipboard equipment to stray shots. Del and Greenbark are able to drag the lifeless body of Melvin inside the carbon-scored ship, and close the access. As Del stabilizes Melvin’s unconscious and charred personage, Greenbark takes control of a weapon’s turret, and with a rough exit (forcefully blasting their way out of the hold with plenty of ship-to-debris contact) they leap into the deadening heat of the Tatooine sky.

As they take a moment to breath (or keep Melvin breathing), the party wonders where they could possibly find refuge out among the many Systems.

Chapter 1

The PC’s awake and are unable to move, finding themselves chained to a rocky spire in the badlands. Across the way, a scabby horned reptile is in a similar situation, and in not too much time they begin conspiring to escape their Tusken captors. They have been stripped of all arms and gear, except for one smuggled hold-out blaster. Thanks to the reptile (a Nosaurian named Greenbark) and his natural ferocity, they are able to begin fighting their way out of the holding area.

During the process, they overhear that the Tusken’s were holding prisoner’s as payment to an Imperial officer. During their escape, they re-arm themselves and begin hatching a plan to relocate off-planet. Greenbark offers up that he was a crewman on a spice freighter Bright Eyes that was impounded in Anchorhead (as well as former crew either deserted or executed). In order to retrieve it, they will have to “release it” from the clutches of Imperial Impound. Realizing that this will require some significant planning and timing, they each set about their tasks to accomplish this.

chapter 1

Introductory Session.

Corra and Melvin are on the run from a once-trusted figure in Melvin’s past. Their craft flees to Tatooine, where it experiences mechanical failure and crashes into the Tatooine desert on the far outskirts of Anchorhead. At the same time, Del is working a case for a local information broker, trying to track down possible Jawa saboteurs in a string of high profile murders. Through a twist of fate, both parties wind up at Shem Dublam’s repair and salvage shop.

While Melvin and Shem argue over repairs and trade details, Del investigates the Jawa traders she has tracked to this residence. As tensions build in this tiny shop, Del loses her cool and pulls a blaster out, hoping to coerce answers out of the crowd. As this stalemate continues, a sandstorm blows upon the outpost, masking the sound of a Tusken Raider detachment intent on making a large haul.

Combat ensues between the factions, with many Jawa being lost (thanks to their own improvised weaponry) and Shem and his children being crushed by an enraged Bantha (enraged due to a poorly planned shot by Del, who also is seriously injured). The party is able to defend the house, and makes an escape through the rubble. They make their way to junker landspeeder, but are overcome by mounted Bantha patrols, who take them prisoner.


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