Scum and Villainy

Chapter 2

The Party decides to depart Rodia before the enevitable turf war takes to open conflict in the streets. They settle all remaining business with Ry’Dell, who is saddened at seeing his valuable allies leave, but ultimately understanding. He reemphasizes that he’ll forward all known intel about Nosaurian slaves onto the ship, and the locations of any potential Bases of Operation (at Greenbarks unexpected request. After purchasing remaining gear and settling accounts, they take command of the newly repaired Bright Eyes and set off for space…Destination: Cato Nemoidia, to hunt down a former Seperatist Commander.

Ten days of uneventful travel pass. The party adjusts its newly purchased 2-1B medical droid, and prepares to enter Imperial Controlled space. They make landing at Tarko-Se spaceport, their licenses and disguises make it through Imperial customs, and the group splits up to chase down leads: Reggie to hunt the fierce Nemoidian Kreehawk, Del to investigate the disappearance of Ry’Dells spice courier, and Greenbark to search out Kai Jorum, a former Seperatist Commander.

Reggie searches through cantinas until he finds a Zabrak bartender who lost an arm to the beast. Here he shares drinks with a slick Devoronian bounty hunter, who points him to an expedition leader named Uuroborr, a greyed wookie who leads safaris outside the hanging city. Reggie departs the cafe, but soon realizes his bribes and goals have caught the attention of pursuers.

Del registers as a deputized bounty hunter (strictly for the purpose of hunting Raiders preying on tourists outside the city). She scouts out seedy cages and handouts, until she works her way into the celebratory circle of a rough gang of locals. Through drinks and charm, she wins over a sweaty and crude human, who slips that he works for Raveneye, a known off world pirate outfit. She pockets his personal contact info and sneaks out from the party.

Greenbark scouts out the working class subdistrict, hunting out Nemoidian contacts. He finds a Nemoidian waiting bar, clearly dropped in social standing. through significant bribes and name dropping, makes it known that he is hunting down an old war ally. Kai is still alive but after losing his command, has changed name to Var Varson and works out of the spaceport. Greenbark makes his way back to the group.

Reggie spots out that he and 2-1B are being tailed but a seemingly intoxicated group of three young human females, who are unnervingly adept at trailing the Wookie through the city. He calls in the party and orders the droid back to the ship, and decides to confront the ladies face to face in the alley. They keep up the drunk ruse until the end, only then mentioning their interest in his (apparently) large credit stash. They strike with neural inhibitors, trying to stun the Wook, but he shrugs off the blows and th party launches into combat.

Del and Greenbark close off the exit to the alley, but lose sight of the third stalker. Reggies bow caster pushes back the women, who go hand to hand with Del attempting to take cover from the wookie weapon. Del whips out a vibrodagger and slashes back, chasing one out of the alley. Greenbark trades shots with the third combatant, who has been sniping from the rooftop. As the fleeing female escapes the alley, Greenbark takes aim and blasts her into near death out in the open. Reggie guns down the remaining alley fighter, and after taking a jarring shot, the rooftop sniper retreats out of view. Following combat, Del whips out her Deputy credentials and placates the gathered crowd. They give statements to a security officer, and take a quick grab of the thieves pockets. Before the maimed girls are EMT’d off, they gather that the thieves are hired by FireHawk Firearms, a local arms dealer.

Chapter 1

The PC’s have just violently disrupted the Tetsu weapons smuggling operation. The session begins with their departure from the swamp-safeguarded weapons depot. In their possession they have 6 crates of scavenged military grade weaponry, and one stripped-down pod containing Deego (the local Black Sun officer who also acts as a lieutenant in Tetsu).

As the party departure aboard an old fishing boat, they pick up a scrambled distress call from the depths of the swamp. Although they recognize Confederate codes, their battle fatigue and burden of cargo present the situation as too great a risk, and they press back to Capitol City under cover of darkness.

They return to a secluded launch point, where they cover signs of their previous firefight and prepare to blend in best the can. They are able to get a damaged freight vehicle in functional and presentable condition, and rendezvous with one of Ry’Dells contractors to smuggle their contraband past Imperial Inspectors.

After coordinating a drop off with Ry’Dell, they are paid (a pittance) for their recovered weaponry. Deego proves himself easily interrogated, and confesses that he has never actually made physical contact with Black Sun. The party is able to glean the following:
-his liason is a Veego named Madame Silar, a female Togruta.
-Deego and Silar communicate solely through encrypted holo conference (party now possesses this encryption via retrieved code cypher.
-Deego driven by ideology based on freeing Rodia from the slovenly and corrupt grasp of Imperial-and-Hutt aligned Chazza Ruling Clan.
-No clue on specifics for Tetsu/Black Sun operations or planning

Leaving Deego in Ry’Dell’s watch, the party decides to re-investigate the distress signal encountered earlier. After careful navigation through the swamps, they come across a sizable sandbar, entrenched upon by a battered and sickly group of survivors. In their numbers are a Nossaurian and two Zabrak slaves, who report having fled from a Tetsu construction project in the swamp (Assessed to be the weapons transport hub recently disrupted). In addition, a contingent of five Verpine scientists and technical aids bustle amongst what remains of their equipment.

The party offers to relocate all survivors, an offer eagerly seized upon by the three slaves. However, the Verpine prove instantly reluctant, and through a series of a broken and frustrating conversations, Reggie becomes convinced that they are in need of firepower to destroy a native creature that has been menacing the whole island. After pushing Greenbark to help, they set up a defensible perimeter and arm the survivors. They are attacked at dawn by a Kwazel Maw (dubbed Shadeskin due to his ghastly white flesh), a 20M long serpentine creature that attacks from the water. In the battle, a courageous Zabrak and unfortunate Verpine Tech are killed, but the creature cannot withstand the concentrated firepower of the defenders and is gunned down.

The Verpine are quick to praise and reward; they explain that they were attempting to relocate their Hive Queen (who had been blackmailed under penalty of death by the Barabel Mercenary group FangBorne) and had arranged a new settlement deep under Rodia, accessible at this sandlot by way of ancient mining shafts. The party is rewarded as follows:
-shares in their biotechnology firm Zrackai Xenostims : 1000 shares at 2.127 credits apiece.
-Access to insider deals and prototype tech via trusted Xenostim dealers
-Eternal Gratitude!

The party concludes by transporting the survivors back to Rodia, where Greenbark sets up the one surviving Nossaurian with safe passage offworld (after exchanging contact information). The party prepares for their departure offplanet, as Rodia becomes increasingly hostile due to internal troubles.

Chapter 1

Having pulled Ry’Dell‘s feet from the flames, the PC’s are offered a chance to turn the tables on the thugs who were extorting him. He explains that the Black Sun-funded Tetsu Minority Ruling Party. He suggests that the guaranteed way to strike back is to hit their operations out of Capital City. The party is given some locations and times when key members meet, and the name of a Lt. Deego; a Rodian Tetsu local who seems to be working on behalf of Black Sun.

The group sets out to a private hanger bay, rented out exclusively to the Tetsu Embassy. They scout around and notice unmarked transport coming in, and large shipments heading out at preset times. They hail a cab and taxi after the shipment, and after Reggie fires a tracking round into the vehicle they follow it via taxi to the cab-depo. After bribing and convincing their wary Bothan driver, Del Supernova is allowed to sneak into the depot to track down the merchandise. She stealthily makes her way to the well-guarded lost and found, were (after a silent killing) she gains access to the weapons crate that was being smuggled from the hanger bay. After some strategy talk between the group via comlink, she plants a second gps tracker in the crate, and the party waits for it to be moved out.

After some delay, the crate is transported to a secluded dock off the fisherman’s wharf, and the party pursues under cover of night. They see a drop-off on the shore, with the weapons being delivered to riders on large water snakes. They ambush the delivery forces, and follow the fleeing lizard back through the dense swamp to a water-filtering center (roughly 100km from Capital City). The operation seems to be using the aqueducts and filtering pipes to send weapon pods into Issaryusk City (which is currently heavily sanctioned as the Tetsu home city). Launching a full assault, the group finds themselves quickly out numbered and outgunned.

The party splits up, striking at over a dozen armed Black Sun bodygaurds who have taken cover amidst the droids and slaves still at work offloading incoming shipments. After heavy losses, the mafia men crack open the weapons crates and pull heavy ordinance out, firing rockets and blaster cannons among the chaos of mounted lizard riders attacking. The PC’s find themselves cornered, but utilize the weaponry scavenged from cracked open caches and dispatch the guards surrounding Deego. As his enforces drop, Deego frantically retreats into the belly of the station, firing behind him and hitting Reggie with wildly tossed radiation grenades.

The party corners him deep below, as he prepared to escape via an emptied pod ready to be shot off towards Issaryusk city. With hardly a second to spare, Del Supernova reverses the pressurization of the chamber, stalling the pod now containing Deego, as Reggie summons his Wookie might and heaves the entire crate out of the center as it breaks down. With an unwilling captive in stow, the party claims the remaining military weapon crates and loads up their vessel for a hasty departure and much needed rest.

Chapter 1

Bright Eyes limps its way to Rodia. Greenbark claims that he has a buyer lined up on-planet for a hidden spice shipment. The party makes it after several weary weeks of travel. Once landed, Melvin and Corra declare that they are parting ways. Melvin pays Del Supernova and Greenbark for their time and energy in getting him off Tatooine (as well as bringing his scarred body back from the brink of death). This news comes as a shock, but as no one is willing to fight over it, Melvin and Corra slink off and Del and Greenbark head to the rendezvous.

Greenbark uses his only contact method, and is able to set up a meet-and-greet with a local spice dealer: MuruwamRy Delomar, or more simply Ry’Dell. They meet in a crowded cantina attached to a bustling casino, where they spot a well-dressed Ithorian tucked into a corner booth with a sour-looking Wookie. The two PC’s slink in and order drinks for the table, and set about business.

Ry’Dell inspects the spice, and drops a clearly low-ball offer that Greenbark accepts with a little complaint. That business concluded, Del asks if there is any work they could do for Ry’Dell while on Rodia. He admits that he has been pressured by certain elements to remove the daughter of the local Imperial Officer in charge of customs and shipment: “removing” her will remove his being an obstacle to illicit imports. The two PC’s accept, and Reggie, the Wookie bodygaurd, is sent along as insurance on the job.

The new group recons the girl’s daily schedule, and discover’s a weakness in her security detail; A trip to the coast along an isolated road well-away from any security cameras or defense systems. The party lays in wait amongst the foliage, and when the three car escort crawls along the windy road, they strike. Greenbark and Del pick off any security that emerges, as Reggie uses heavy weaponry and brute muscle to topple a tree onto the convoy, halting it’s escape. After cleaning up her guard detachment, they spot her and a lone trooper fleeing the scene towards the swamp. They pick the escort off, and wound her as she runs to freedom. Approaching her crawling and bloodied body, they decide to spare her, but create the deception that she perished (an easy task given the amount of blood and gore at the scene). Panting evidence that Chazza initiated the assassination, they take the girl’s body to a chop-shop doc for stabilization, and return to Ry’Dell.

The ithorian congratulates them on the mission, and admits that with a living hostage, he can ensure even more leverage over the stubborn Imperial. In return for this favor, he agrees to finance the remaining repairs to their ship.

Chapter 1

In order to breach the Imperial Garrison’s security and penetrate the impound lot, the PC’s each pursue avenues to accomplish the mission. Del makes contact with agent’s within the Hutt Spy network, looking for hired muscle to aid in diversionary tactics. She is able to barter blackmail-worthy intel (purchase of young male slaves) on the local Imperial administrator Major Stromhold to the Hutt Spy, in exchange for coordination of a swoop-gang attack on the compound. At the same time, Corra and Melvin track down a local contractor responsible for repairs on base. They are able to hijack a droid-shipment and rig explosives into a power-supply droid.

With all these tactics and plans laid out, the party attempts to sneak through one of the access gates but is seen by the on-station guards. A firefight breaks out, raising alarms across the entire base. The group fights their way past patrols and comes across the maintenance bay to the impound locker. They trigger the explosives, diverting reactionary forces attention long enough to talk their way through the overwhelmed mechanics. They shoot their way through the impound lot, running into heavy opposition inside. Using an injured stormtrooper as a hostage, they press forward to their ship, taking fire from all sides. Corra and Greenbark activate the boarding ramp and use Greenbark’s access codes to gain entry, where they begin powering up the freighter. As Del lays down supporting fire, Melvin and his hostage dash across the battlefield that was once a docking station, racing up the access ramp to the Bright Eyes. As they stumble up the ramp, a stormtrooper expertly tosses a frag grenade, catching the two escapees by surprise.

The already injured stormtrooper is instantly pulverized, and Melvin blacks out from the overwhelming pain and critical-level burns that seize his unshielded body. Seizing the initiative, security forces board the exposed ship, engaging in close quarters combat within the hull and cockpit. Corra is able to defend from the pilot’s chair, but not without sustaining heavy injuries and losing shipboard equipment to stray shots. Del and Greenbark are able to drag the lifeless body of Melvin inside the carbon-scored ship, and close the access. As Del stabilizes Melvin’s unconscious and charred personage, Greenbark takes control of a weapon’s turret, and with a rough exit (forcefully blasting their way out of the hold with plenty of ship-to-debris contact) they leap into the deadening heat of the Tatooine sky.

As they take a moment to breath (or keep Melvin breathing), the party wonders where they could possibly find refuge out among the many Systems.

Chapter 1

The PC’s awake and are unable to move, finding themselves chained to a rocky spire in the badlands. Across the way, a scabby horned reptile is in a similar situation, and in not too much time they begin conspiring to escape their Tusken captors. They have been stripped of all arms and gear, except for one smuggled hold-out blaster. Thanks to the reptile (a Nosaurian named Greenbark) and his natural ferocity, they are able to begin fighting their way out of the holding area.

During the process, they overhear that the Tusken’s were holding prisoner’s as payment to an Imperial officer. During their escape, they re-arm themselves and begin hatching a plan to relocate off-planet. Greenbark offers up that he was a crewman on a spice freighter Bright Eyes that was impounded in Anchorhead (as well as former crew either deserted or executed). In order to retrieve it, they will have to “release it” from the clutches of Imperial Impound. Realizing that this will require some significant planning and timing, they each set about their tasks to accomplish this.

chapter 1

Introductory Session.

Corra and Melvin are on the run from a once-trusted figure in Melvin’s past. Their craft flees to Tatooine, where it experiences mechanical failure and crashes into the Tatooine desert on the far outskirts of Anchorhead. At the same time, Del is working a case for a local information broker, trying to track down possible Jawa saboteurs in a string of high profile murders. Through a twist of fate, both parties wind up at Shem Dublam’s repair and salvage shop.

While Melvin and Shem argue over repairs and trade details, Del investigates the Jawa traders she has tracked to this residence. As tensions build in this tiny shop, Del loses her cool and pulls a blaster out, hoping to coerce answers out of the crowd. As this stalemate continues, a sandstorm blows upon the outpost, masking the sound of a Tusken Raider detachment intent on making a large haul.

Combat ensues between the factions, with many Jawa being lost (thanks to their own improvised weaponry) and Shem and his children being crushed by an enraged Bantha (enraged due to a poorly planned shot by Del, who also is seriously injured). The party is able to defend the house, and makes an escape through the rubble. They make their way to junker landspeeder, but are overcome by mounted Bantha patrols, who take them prisoner.


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