When damage is recieved externally, roll 1D6+CON of temporary hp for each attack recieved
Cost (from Xenostims) -350 credits
Lasts : Regen 1D4+CON rounds | Temporary HP expires after 10 rounds
Side Effects: -4 Persuasion (until full rest is achieved), non-friendly NPC’s more suspicious
Addiction Chance: 20%

Black market neurotoxin used for temporary physical augmentation. Comes in capsule form. Causes crude clotting and cellular regeneration for a limited time. Due to unrefined and potent nature of chems, users are more susceptible to dependency compared to regulated military stims.


Based on the success of synthesizing Wookiee Rage (Berzerker), Zrackai biochemistry leads turned to the useful natural ability of adult Trandoshans to regenerate lost limbs and recover from near fatal lacerations. Contained in each pill is a chemical “script”, which stimulate the body’s natural regenerative capability, chemically augmenting it to mirror the Trandoshan level of effectiveness.

The first successful line was culture line Trandoshan-XVIgamma. Early adopters in corporate security rechristened it Tr-X (pronounced T-Rex) for unknown reasons…

It should be noted that while the body will efficiently repair major damage received, non-Trandoshans are unable to completely regrow lost limbs. In addition, regrown flesh rarely matches the body’s natural flesh tone, and this unnatural texture and color may take up to 24 hours to fully merge into existing cells. Users report difficulty in social situations due primarily to both their own self-consciousness and the tangible effect of stiff, uncomfortable flesh itching its way across previous wounds.


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