4 bonus Move (squares), 4 Acrobatics, +4 Jump
Cost (from Xenostims) -350 credits
Lasts 4 Rounds
Side Effects: After effect expires, DC(5
sum extra spaces moved) ENDURANCE, or -1 persistent Cond.
Addiction Chance: 20%

Black market neurotoxin used for temporary physical augmentation. Injection into lower extremities causes an immediate influx of performance enhancing chems and oxygen-supplying compounds. Due to unrefined and potent nature of chems, users are more susceptible to dependency compared to regulated military stims.


Quicksilver shares many similarities with anabolic steroids of centuries past. It differs in that does not cause a marked increase in muscle mass or carrying capacity in the affected area. It does provide a constant stream of reinvigorating chems, which boost both aerobic and anaerobic performance, allowing user’s to run farther, faster, execute previously-impossible legwork and exert more force if necessary.

As one of the few stimulants that doesn’t immediately have an affect on brain functions, Quicksilver delivers less long term debilitating side effects. However, frequent use trains the legs into relying on the stream of chems to perform. In their absence, basic bipedal functions feel sluggish and draining.

In the short term, some users have experienced sharp pains, believed to be the result of over-exertion during periods of increased speed. Xenostim resident physicians have concluded that the increased demands placed upon the user’s cardiovascular system can cause mild-to-moderate pain, discomfort, cramps, constriction and in some cases, seizure. This is especially true the less fit the user is.


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