Queen Chems



+2 CHA | Grants Falleen Pheremone ability (Scum and Villainy pg. 8)
Cost (from Xenostims) -350 credits
Lasts 10 rounds (1 minute)
Side Effects: -2 WIS/-2 INT
Addiction Chance: 20%

Black market neurotoxin used for temporary physical augmentation. Dermal Injection causes rapid buildup in both natural and artificially induced hormones and pheremones. Due to unrefined and potent nature of chems, users are more susceptible to dependency compared to regulated military stims.


Zrackai Xenostims offers no official explanation for the synthesization of this Charisma-booster. However, an unbiased Verpine would remark to a user how reminiscent their “aura” and chemical signature are to a Verpine Queen mother’s natural dominance-establishing pheremones.

However it was created, Queen Chems (street term; no Verpine would issue such an insulting label)
boost the user’s personal magnetism. During testing, subjects reported feeling a confident euphoria that examiners remarked “created an impulse drive to please the user.” Several scientific aids were removed from the program after breaches in conduct (rumor exists of a Verpine?Gamorean romance during early trials).

The cost of this increased personal influence comes at the “fuzziness” the logical brain experiences on this high. Higher brain functions, as well as natural self-control, frequently get delayed amidst the warm glow. It’s assessed that users act more on impulse and instinct when under the influence: surprisingly, this has a positive affect on their ability to influence and persuade all but the most resolute.

Queen Chems

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