“You ready to kick it into Hyperdrive kid?”
The most potent, but risky, chem available from Xenostims.

One free Level-up (temporary). Affects HD (full HP for HD), Feats, Skills, etc.
Cost (from Xenostims) – 600 credits
Lasts : One Encounter (or 1 minute outside of combat)
Side Effects: Immediate – No use of Force Points while active.
Long term: Following the crash, users revert to previous state. All temporary hp gained is lost,
and the user is at -1 Persistent Condition (-2 if fail DC15 Endurance) until a full 24 hours (including full rest) has passed.
Addiction Chance: 35% (+5% per subsequent use)

The most illegal product concocted by Zrackai Xenostims. Available only to privileged customers, and explicitly at their own risk. Note to PC’s if you elect to use, be prepared to handle temporary Character Level-up in a timely fashion. Focus on quickly updating just the stats and skills immediately required, so it doesn’t stop the game for 5 minutes on your turn.


FTL, also known as Faster Than Light, is the most dangerous and empowering substance to be smuggled out of the Xenostim shadow-market laboratories.

Taking lessons from all currently produced stims, scientists focused on expanding the capabilities of every facet of the organic body where possible. This boost is delivered by a transdermal patch recessed into a 3 inch metallic strip. The strip is placed between the base of the skull and upper spine, where the adhesive immediately bonds with an airtight seal. From here, relays within the delivery device inject select nanomachines into the bloodstream responsible for analyzing the genetic and biochemical makeup of the user. Within microseconds, the determined synthetic mixture is released into the spinal column or closest anatomical equivalent, causing immediate and prominent gains in muscular strength, bone density, adrenal response, neural activity and sensory function. In short, every aspect of the user is operating at a demonstrably heightened level.

All this comes at significant cost to the sentient, although the true damage is only visible after the drug has run its course. For reasons unknown to researchers, volunteers and survivor testimonials claim “statistically improbable decrease in luck and fortune.” Verpine Scientists are quick to scorn such “superstitious” critique, while street wisdom notes that this mirrors the side effects of the popular recreational drug “Death Sticks,” once vilified for causing a disconnect with the “Force.”

Finally, Long-Term damage to the the organic begins immediately after the crash. Having utterly overexerted itself, the body will begin shutting down “non-essential processes” in order to recuperate. The net-result of this complex repair effort is a state of profound exhaustion and trauma. Finally, it should be mentioned that due to the extremely intrusive nature of this chem, addiction is an Extremely Serious concern.


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