Cost (from Xenostims) -350 credits
Lasts 5 rounds
Side Effects: Damage Received increased (+1 per damage dice)
Addiction Chance: 20%

Black market neurotoxin used for temporary physical augmentation. Stim injection triggers neuron activity in user’s amygdala, increasing brain’s processing power when analyzing battlespace under combat stress. Due to unrefined and potent nature of chems, users are more susceptible to dependency compared to regulated military stims.


“Blaze” grew from overwhelming positive market response to Adrenal Alacrity and Adrenal Strength from combat forces. Soldiers recounted how their lives or missions were salvaged only after the increased physical capability provided by issued stims. Pressure ensued to further the potential of combat stims, specifically from sharpshooter units looking to heighten their offensive capabilities.

Blaze works by refocusing neural attention towards the amygdala, a section of most sentient races’ brain structure that determines physical and mental responses to combat stressors. This leads to a calmer, more tactically sound soldier who is able to place better shots more consistently (even when facing direct life and death threats).

Unfortunately, the increased response to these neural pathways slows down the body’s autonomic response concerning physical damage received. Healing is slower to ensue, which often leads to even minor wounds having a more debilitating impact than normal.


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