Grants Wookiee Rage (or Extra Rage, if Rage already known) 1x day, additional +2 STR
Cost (from Xenostims) -350 credits
Lasts Normal Rage Duration (5 rounds + CON modifier)
Side Effects: -2 Perception/-2 Will Defense for 1hr per round of rage
Addiction Chance: 20%

Black market neurotoxin used for temporary physical augmentation. Injected into major muscle group, causes intense bloodflow to muscles while triggering user’s aggressive neurocircuitry. Due to unrefined and potent nature of chems, users are more susceptible to dependency compared to regulated military stims.


Developed after extensive study of Wookiee biochemical makeup. Numerous dissections of frontal lobe, combined with analysis of biorhythm patterns during heightened aggression, lead to successful early release of KGIA-47, commonly known as “Berzerker.” Prolonged use in test subjects indicated severe stunting of a higher brain functions when confronted with stressful situations.

A significant portion of long-term users reported inability to “throttle back” when placed in perceived “fight or flight” confrontations, leading to the death of several junior science staff members. Coincidentally, lead to breakthrough in patient-restraint technology.


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