Scum and Villainy


Chapter 2

The Party decides to depart Rodia before the enevitable turf war takes to open conflict in the streets. They settle all remaining business with Ry’Dell, who is saddened at seeing his valuable allies leave, but ultimately understanding. He reemphasizes that he’ll forward all known intel about Nosaurian slaves onto the ship, and the locations of any potential Bases of Operation (at Greenbarks unexpected request. After purchasing remaining gear and settling accounts, they take command of the newly repaired Bright Eyes and set off for space…Destination: Cato Nemoidia, to hunt down a former Seperatist Commander.

Ten days of uneventful travel pass. The party adjusts its newly purchased 2-1B medical droid, and prepares to enter Imperial Controlled space. They make landing at Tarko-Se spaceport, their licenses and disguises make it through Imperial customs, and the group splits up to chase down leads: Reggie to hunt the fierce Nemoidian Kreehawk, Del to investigate the disappearance of Ry’Dells spice courier, and Greenbark to search out Kai Jorum, a former Seperatist Commander.

Reggie searches through cantinas until he finds a Zabrak bartender who lost an arm to the beast. Here he shares drinks with a slick Devoronian bounty hunter, who points him to an expedition leader named Uuroborr, a greyed wookie who leads safaris outside the hanging city. Reggie departs the cafe, but soon realizes his bribes and goals have caught the attention of pursuers.

Del registers as a deputized bounty hunter (strictly for the purpose of hunting Raiders preying on tourists outside the city). She scouts out seedy cages and handouts, until she works her way into the celebratory circle of a rough gang of locals. Through drinks and charm, she wins over a sweaty and crude human, who slips that he works for Raveneye, a known off world pirate outfit. She pockets his personal contact info and sneaks out from the party.

Greenbark scouts out the working class subdistrict, hunting out Nemoidian contacts. He finds a Nemoidian waiting bar, clearly dropped in social standing. through significant bribes and name dropping, makes it known that he is hunting down an old war ally. Kai is still alive but after losing his command, has changed name to Var Varson and works out of the spaceport. Greenbark makes his way back to the group.

Reggie spots out that he and 2-1B are being tailed but a seemingly intoxicated group of three young human females, who are unnervingly adept at trailing the Wookie through the city. He calls in the party and orders the droid back to the ship, and decides to confront the ladies face to face in the alley. They keep up the drunk ruse until the end, only then mentioning their interest in his (apparently) large credit stash. They strike with neural inhibitors, trying to stun the Wook, but he shrugs off the blows and th party launches into combat.

Del and Greenbark close off the exit to the alley, but lose sight of the third stalker. Reggies bow caster pushes back the women, who go hand to hand with Del attempting to take cover from the wookie weapon. Del whips out a vibrodagger and slashes back, chasing one out of the alley. Greenbark trades shots with the third combatant, who has been sniping from the rooftop. As the fleeing female escapes the alley, Greenbark takes aim and blasts her into near death out in the open. Reggie guns down the remaining alley fighter, and after taking a jarring shot, the rooftop sniper retreats out of view. Following combat, Del whips out her Deputy credentials and placates the gathered crowd. They give statements to a security officer, and take a quick grab of the thieves pockets. Before the maimed girls are EMT’d off, they gather that the thieves are hired by FireHawk Firearms, a local arms dealer.



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