Scum and Villainy


Chapter 1

The PC’s have just violently disrupted the Tetsu weapons smuggling operation. The session begins with their departure from the swamp-safeguarded weapons depot. In their possession they have 6 crates of scavenged military grade weaponry, and one stripped-down pod containing Deego (the local Black Sun officer who also acts as a lieutenant in Tetsu).

As the party departure aboard an old fishing boat, they pick up a scrambled distress call from the depths of the swamp. Although they recognize Confederate codes, their battle fatigue and burden of cargo present the situation as too great a risk, and they press back to Capitol City under cover of darkness.

They return to a secluded launch point, where they cover signs of their previous firefight and prepare to blend in best the can. They are able to get a damaged freight vehicle in functional and presentable condition, and rendezvous with one of Ry’Dells contractors to smuggle their contraband past Imperial Inspectors.

After coordinating a drop off with Ry’Dell, they are paid (a pittance) for their recovered weaponry. Deego proves himself easily interrogated, and confesses that he has never actually made physical contact with Black Sun. The party is able to glean the following:
-his liason is a Veego named Madame Silar, a female Togruta.
-Deego and Silar communicate solely through encrypted holo conference (party now possesses this encryption via retrieved code cypher.
-Deego driven by ideology based on freeing Rodia from the slovenly and corrupt grasp of Imperial-and-Hutt aligned Chazza Ruling Clan.
-No clue on specifics for Tetsu/Black Sun operations or planning

Leaving Deego in Ry’Dell’s watch, the party decides to re-investigate the distress signal encountered earlier. After careful navigation through the swamps, they come across a sizable sandbar, entrenched upon by a battered and sickly group of survivors. In their numbers are a Nossaurian and two Zabrak slaves, who report having fled from a Tetsu construction project in the swamp (Assessed to be the weapons transport hub recently disrupted). In addition, a contingent of five Verpine scientists and technical aids bustle amongst what remains of their equipment.

The party offers to relocate all survivors, an offer eagerly seized upon by the three slaves. However, the Verpine prove instantly reluctant, and through a series of a broken and frustrating conversations, Reggie becomes convinced that they are in need of firepower to destroy a native creature that has been menacing the whole island. After pushing Greenbark to help, they set up a defensible perimeter and arm the survivors. They are attacked at dawn by a Kwazel Maw (dubbed Shadeskin due to his ghastly white flesh), a 20M long serpentine creature that attacks from the water. In the battle, a courageous Zabrak and unfortunate Verpine Tech are killed, but the creature cannot withstand the concentrated firepower of the defenders and is gunned down.

The Verpine are quick to praise and reward; they explain that they were attempting to relocate their Hive Queen (who had been blackmailed under penalty of death by the Barabel Mercenary group FangBorne) and had arranged a new settlement deep under Rodia, accessible at this sandlot by way of ancient mining shafts. The party is rewarded as follows:
-shares in their biotechnology firm Zrackai Xenostims : 1000 shares at 2.127 credits apiece.
-Access to insider deals and prototype tech via trusted Xenostim dealers
-Eternal Gratitude!

The party concludes by transporting the survivors back to Rodia, where Greenbark sets up the one surviving Nossaurian with safe passage offworld (after exchanging contact information). The party prepares for their departure offplanet, as Rodia becomes increasingly hostile due to internal troubles.



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