Scum and Villainy


Chapter 1

Having pulled Ry’Dell‘s feet from the flames, the PC’s are offered a chance to turn the tables on the thugs who were extorting him. He explains that the Black Sun-funded Tetsu Minority Ruling Party. He suggests that the guaranteed way to strike back is to hit their operations out of Capital City. The party is given some locations and times when key members meet, and the name of a Lt. Deego; a Rodian Tetsu local who seems to be working on behalf of Black Sun.

The group sets out to a private hanger bay, rented out exclusively to the Tetsu Embassy. They scout around and notice unmarked transport coming in, and large shipments heading out at preset times. They hail a cab and taxi after the shipment, and after Reggie fires a tracking round into the vehicle they follow it via taxi to the cab-depo. After bribing and convincing their wary Bothan driver, Del Supernova is allowed to sneak into the depot to track down the merchandise. She stealthily makes her way to the well-guarded lost and found, were (after a silent killing) she gains access to the weapons crate that was being smuggled from the hanger bay. After some strategy talk between the group via comlink, she plants a second gps tracker in the crate, and the party waits for it to be moved out.

After some delay, the crate is transported to a secluded dock off the fisherman’s wharf, and the party pursues under cover of night. They see a drop-off on the shore, with the weapons being delivered to riders on large water snakes. They ambush the delivery forces, and follow the fleeing lizard back through the dense swamp to a water-filtering center (roughly 100km from Capital City). The operation seems to be using the aqueducts and filtering pipes to send weapon pods into Issaryusk City (which is currently heavily sanctioned as the Tetsu home city). Launching a full assault, the group finds themselves quickly out numbered and outgunned.

The party splits up, striking at over a dozen armed Black Sun bodygaurds who have taken cover amidst the droids and slaves still at work offloading incoming shipments. After heavy losses, the mafia men crack open the weapons crates and pull heavy ordinance out, firing rockets and blaster cannons among the chaos of mounted lizard riders attacking. The PC’s find themselves cornered, but utilize the weaponry scavenged from cracked open caches and dispatch the guards surrounding Deego. As his enforces drop, Deego frantically retreats into the belly of the station, firing behind him and hitting Reggie with wildly tossed radiation grenades.

The party corners him deep below, as he prepared to escape via an emptied pod ready to be shot off towards Issaryusk city. With hardly a second to spare, Del Supernova reverses the pressurization of the chamber, stalling the pod now containing Deego, as Reggie summons his Wookie might and heaves the entire crate out of the center as it breaks down. With an unwilling captive in stow, the party claims the remaining military weapon crates and loads up their vessel for a hasty departure and much needed rest.



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