Scum and Villainy


Chapter 1

Bright Eyes limps its way to Rodia. Greenbark claims that he has a buyer lined up on-planet for a hidden spice shipment. The party makes it after several weary weeks of travel. Once landed, Melvin and Corra declare that they are parting ways. Melvin pays Del Supernova and Greenbark for their time and energy in getting him off Tatooine (as well as bringing his scarred body back from the brink of death). This news comes as a shock, but as no one is willing to fight over it, Melvin and Corra slink off and Del and Greenbark head to the rendezvous.

Greenbark uses his only contact method, and is able to set up a meet-and-greet with a local spice dealer: MuruwamRy Delomar, or more simply Ry’Dell. They meet in a crowded cantina attached to a bustling casino, where they spot a well-dressed Ithorian tucked into a corner booth with a sour-looking Wookie. The two PC’s slink in and order drinks for the table, and set about business.

Ry’Dell inspects the spice, and drops a clearly low-ball offer that Greenbark accepts with a little complaint. That business concluded, Del asks if there is any work they could do for Ry’Dell while on Rodia. He admits that he has been pressured by certain elements to remove the daughter of the local Imperial Officer in charge of customs and shipment: “removing” her will remove his being an obstacle to illicit imports. The two PC’s accept, and Reggie, the Wookie bodygaurd, is sent along as insurance on the job.

The new group recons the girl’s daily schedule, and discover’s a weakness in her security detail; A trip to the coast along an isolated road well-away from any security cameras or defense systems. The party lays in wait amongst the foliage, and when the three car escort crawls along the windy road, they strike. Greenbark and Del pick off any security that emerges, as Reggie uses heavy weaponry and brute muscle to topple a tree onto the convoy, halting it’s escape. After cleaning up her guard detachment, they spot her and a lone trooper fleeing the scene towards the swamp. They pick the escort off, and wound her as she runs to freedom. Approaching her crawling and bloodied body, they decide to spare her, but create the deception that she perished (an easy task given the amount of blood and gore at the scene). Panting evidence that Chazza initiated the assassination, they take the girl’s body to a chop-shop doc for stabilization, and return to Ry’Dell.

The ithorian congratulates them on the mission, and admits that with a living hostage, he can ensure even more leverage over the stubborn Imperial. In return for this favor, he agrees to finance the remaining repairs to their ship.



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