Scum and Villainy


Chapter 1

The PC’s awake and are unable to move, finding themselves chained to a rocky spire in the badlands. Across the way, a scabby horned reptile is in a similar situation, and in not too much time they begin conspiring to escape their Tusken captors. They have been stripped of all arms and gear, except for one smuggled hold-out blaster. Thanks to the reptile (a Nosaurian named Greenbark) and his natural ferocity, they are able to begin fighting their way out of the holding area.

During the process, they overhear that the Tusken’s were holding prisoner’s as payment to an Imperial officer. During their escape, they re-arm themselves and begin hatching a plan to relocate off-planet. Greenbark offers up that he was a crewman on a spice freighter Bright Eyes that was impounded in Anchorhead (as well as former crew either deserted or executed). In order to retrieve it, they will have to “release it” from the clutches of Imperial Impound. Realizing that this will require some significant planning and timing, they each set about their tasks to accomplish this.



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