Scum and Villainy


chapter 1

Introductory Session.

Corra and Melvin are on the run from a once-trusted figure in Melvin’s past. Their craft flees to Tatooine, where it experiences mechanical failure and crashes into the Tatooine desert on the far outskirts of Anchorhead. At the same time, Del is working a case for a local information broker, trying to track down possible Jawa saboteurs in a string of high profile murders. Through a twist of fate, both parties wind up at Shem Dublam’s repair and salvage shop.

While Melvin and Shem argue over repairs and trade details, Del investigates the Jawa traders she has tracked to this residence. As tensions build in this tiny shop, Del loses her cool and pulls a blaster out, hoping to coerce answers out of the crowd. As this stalemate continues, a sandstorm blows upon the outpost, masking the sound of a Tusken Raider detachment intent on making a large haul.

Combat ensues between the factions, with many Jawa being lost (thanks to their own improvised weaponry) and Shem and his children being crushed by an enraged Bantha (enraged due to a poorly planned shot by Del, who also is seriously injured). The party is able to defend the house, and makes an escape through the rubble. They make their way to junker landspeeder, but are overcome by mounted Bantha patrols, who take them prisoner.



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